Week 8: Listening and Comprehending

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As we add to our How to Listen anchor chart, I realized teaching how to listen is more complicated than just listing behaviors.  As mentioned in week 7, the first step we wrote on the chart was to listen and ask your self, “Did I hear what the speaker said?” If not, say, “Can you please repeat what you said?”  Listening in on students during Turn and Talk, I noticed a student asked his partner who speaks very softly to repeat what she said but said, “What did you say?”  It’s informal but he got the idea of the importance of listening – yay! I reminded him what’s on the anchor chart. He repeated after me, “Can you please repeat what you said?”  This week we added a step 2. For step 2 we wrote, if you heard what the speaker said ask your self, “Do you agree with the speaker or disagree?” We also added hand gestures. For agree, they could give a thumbs up. If they agree and would like to add, they would give a thumbs up and say, “I agree with ___ and I would like to add…” If they disagree, they would tap their heads. Then say, “ I disagree because…” The hand gesture for because is to make a fist with one hand and pound it on the palm of the other hand.  (I just learned this because hand gesture about 3 weeks ago when I attended an Alameda County Reading Association workshop featuring Lori Oczkus author of Reciprocal Teaching at Work and many other titles.)  Up to this point, it seemed easy enough to just keep adding what to do on the list until I started really thinking about what students should be thinking when they are listening. 

In first grade, the CCSS states: b. Build on others’ talk in conversations by responding to the comments of others through multiple exchanges. c. Ask questions to clear up any confusion about the topics and texts under discussion. In order to build on others’ talk, and ask questions, as a listener, I first have to listen to understand and make meaning of what is being said before I can respond. It’s about comprehending and thinking just like in reading.  (Reading and listening are inputs and speaking and writing are outputs. Reading and writing are in written forms while listening and speaking are oral.) For example, in reading, when comprehension breaks down, we tell students to reread.  In listening, we ask to please repeat what was said.   It seems, would my next steps be to teach my students how to apply the same comprehension strategies I’m teaching them while reading to listening? 

This weekend, I attended the California Reading Association Professional Development Institute.  Of course, the hot topic was CCSS.   One of the sessions I attended was Math Literacy Connection and the Common Core. The presenters showed examples of how the strategies used in reading and writing are also applied in Math.  This made me think about how important language is whether it is written or oral to communicate thinking. I’m sure many of you have attended numerous workshops on teaching reading and writing strategies like me. What about listening strategies? I don’t know if this was obvious to everyone else but me, but I never really thought about how am I directly and explicitly teaching listening strategies for comprehension until I zoomed in on oral language development. I would like to think I’m not alone. 




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Hello Bee! 

Reflecting on what my students are taking on independently this week makes me wonder about how we are lifting their conversations as we zoom in and listen for comprehension. How are we listening and lifting student talk?  What is the teacher role and student role?

This is what I see... My fifth graders are beginning to develop turn taking and listening skills. Many students will agree or disagree and restate their position. Marcos will say, "I agree when Destiny said that there is injustice in the story because they treated the little boy unfairy." Another student will say, "I agree with Destiny too because they made him feel bad about being Japanese."  However, I'm wondering how we can lift their conversation by looking at our own prompting? How do we create robust academic conversations around literature while scaffolding our language learners? 

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Listening perception is something other than hearing what is said; rather, it is a youngster's capacity to comprehend the importance of the words he hears and Do My Coursework to identify with them somehow. At the point when youngsters hear a story, for example, great listening perception empowers them to comprehend it, recollect it, examine it, and even retell it in their own particular words. This is a vital ability to grow even at an early age, since great audience members grow up to end up noticeably great communicators.

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