An OLD noticing for this week...

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The importance and purpose of oral rehersal has been the topic kicking around my brain this week. 

So when I had the opportunity to observe a lesson this week where the teacher was explicitly teaching elaboration and having students engage in discussion using elaboration to describe the characters in a familair story before they were asked to write a character description, I was not surprised to observe students orally rehearsing their sentences and ideas once they got back to their desks to write.  But later in the day, when I was back in my office writing a particularily important email to a colleague, I was surprised to notice that I was orally rehearsing my sentences, whispering my words before pushing send.  I was self-scaffolding to make sure I was writing something that could be understood by another person!!!

That noticing just reminded me how eventually, strategies we are explicitly taught become just part of our way of being without us realizing it.  Now that's what I call independence!!!


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It's so true, April! I find myself doing the same thing, and then re-reading to make sure I wrote what I intended to ... it's all about oral language!

Allison Briceno

Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, New Teacher Center