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Week 11: Next Steps


It took me a while to decide what to write about in week 11.  As I immerse myself in this work around oral language and think more deeply about teaching academic conversations, I am noticing more and more what students are actually doing or rather thinking.  Along with these formative assessments arise new questions and challenges every week.  I wondered, “What would people want to read about?” I hope this week’s highlighted successes, challenges, and next steps will be supportive in your work. 

Week 10: Active Listening


Weel 9: Listening for Understanding


Have you ever asked your students what it means to understand? When I asked my students this question, here are some of the responses I got: Understand means…

Week 7: How to Listen: Developing an Anchor Chart

Traditionally, the teacher talks to deliver content and typically asks the questions while students listen and answer the questions.  Then, the teacher evaluates the answer and provides feedback. Shifting from this traditional teaching practice to meeting the CCSS is the topic of this week’s challenge. 

The CCSS document states the following for Listening and Speaking: 

Week 2: Keeping the Norms and Norm Keepers


Week 2: Keeping the Norms and Norm Keepers

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