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Week 28: Active Listening


How do you know when students are actively listening? From day one, we have been working on the conversation skills of looking at the speaker, waiting to speak, and building on each other’s talk. Students have learned and have been using the stems for agreeing, disagreeing, and asking for clarification.  Before spring break, I saw active listening beyond the procedural level and seeing the purpose of why it is so important to teach. To see a fruit of your labor is one of those proud moments in a teacher’s life. 

Week 26: Academic Vocabulary


Week 20: Focus Student


Why is it worthwhile to have a focus student? How can taking an Oral Language Record focus a conversation around student learning? Focus to notice is the topic of this week’s blog. 

Week 2: Keeping the Norms and Norm Keepers


Week 2: Keeping the Norms and Norm Keepers

Generating Norms

 “Central to developing classroom contexts where rich oral language development occurs, is the establishment of a norm that promotes listening.”  (Mason & Gallaway, IRA, Reading Today Feb/Mar 2012)

If I’m going to teach students how to have a conversation, which involves listening and speaking, the classroom rules did not suffice to support behavior management. So, I thought why not set norms like most adult discussion groups do to have a productive conversation.

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